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Planet Paisley is passionate about helping you create a more beautiful life.

Maybe you are looking for a piece of jewelry or artwork that speaks to you.  I offer handcrafted Orgone Energy pieces and Motivational Artwork that I've created with positive intentions, love, and light.

Perhaps you are seeking clarity regarding your divine nature.  As a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer, I can help you learn to manage your energy and chakras.  I also read Tarot, and the Akashic Records and can provide spiritual perspective and guidance as you travel along your path.

Take a few minutes to poke around and take a closer look at what interests you.

Planet Paisley


Orgone Energy Pieces

Orgone Energy Pieces

Handcrafted Orgone Energy Jewelry, Crystal Cleansing Plates and More.

About Orgone Energy

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Aromatherapy Pendants and Saltwater Akoya Pearls

High Quality with Unique Cage Pendants and Matching Chains.

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Planners and Journals

Unique and Thoughtful ways to Plan Your Life.

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Inspirational Art

Motivational Artwork

Colorful Acrylic Paintings with a Purpose.




Reiki Instruction, In-Home or Distance Treatments, Crystal Reiki Sessions, Crystal Healing Therapy.

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Akashic Record and Tarot Readings

Discover your Divinity with a Basic Soul Profile and more.  We also do Property Clearing and Tarot Readings.

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