Orgone Energy Generators

We create beautiful Orgone Energy Generators from Scratch.  Check out our process.


Aromatherapy and Cultured Pearls

We offer the highest quality Saltwater Akoya Pearls and Unique Cage Pendants with Matching Chains.  Aromatherapy Beads are another option for your Cage Pendant


Motivational Art

We create Beautiful Acrylic Designs and add Words of Encouragement.


Reiki and Crystal Therapy

Cleanse, Balance and Realign your Energy with Reiki Chakra Therapy.

We offer Reiki Instruction, Reiki Healing Sessions with or without Crystals or Simple Crystal Healing Treatments.

Akashic Record Readings

Rediscover Yourself at Soul Level.

A variety of Akashic Record Readings are available to assist you with aligning to your divine nature.

Tarot Readings are also available.


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