• Do you lack self-confidence?
  • Are you unsure of your life purpose?
  • Do you want to know who you are at soul level?
  • Are you trapped in a pattern of repetitive negative events?
  • Are you experiencing negative feelings such as anger, sadness, anxiety or exhaustion?
  • Are you feeling stuck while trying to manifest abundance?
  • Are you looking for spiritual growth but are unsure of how to proceed?

What are Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the energetic imprint of all souls.  They contain information about past, present, and possible future lives. Every thought, intent, desire, experience, and emotion is recorded.

What are Akashic Records

Akasha is the Fifth Element:  earth, water, fire, air, "space".  For me, Akasha is the energetic vibration of the animate and inanimate.  Remember Middle School Science class?  Everything is made of atoms. Atoms are mostly nothing.  This nothing is Akasha.

There are two levels of akasha.  The first level is third dimensional akasha, this computer is made of mostly nothing.  Fifth dimensional akasha, the spiritual component of our existence, is where the Akashic Records lie. The fourth dimension, the dimension of ego, is where the energy that becomes the Akashic record is created.

Akashic Record Readings access the history of this "space".  You see, nothing ever ceases to exist, it just changes form.

What is Akasha

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