Orgone Energy Generators

What is Orgone Energy?

Sometimes referred to as Akasha, Prana or Chi, Orgone Energy is Life Force Energy.  It is the energy that wakes you up in the morning, the energy that causes a flower to bloom, the energy that creates an embryo from ovum and sperm.  Explaining Orgone Energy is like trying to explain the meaning of life; it simply can't be done in this dimension of existence.

Now that that is as clear as mud, let's talk about this substance that seems to "generate" it...

Dr. Wilhelm Reich

In the 1930's, Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich discovered that organic materials attract and contain the energy that he dubbed "Orgone".  He also found that inorganic materials attract and repel this orgone.  By combining 50% organic material (resin) with 50% inorganic material (metal), he created a substance that attracts and holds orgone energy while also repelling it.  This constant movement of energy has a cleansing and balancing effect which transforms negative energy into positive.

The addition of a copper wrapped quartz point electrically charges the piece and magnifies the effect.  Quartz is the Power Crystal and copper is a conductor.  Compressing the copper wrapped quartz with resin amplifies it's piezoelectic ability and charges the whole piece.

Balancing Orgone Energy

Natural environments like peaceful lakes, snowcapped mountains, and lush forests have a balanced life force energy.  Unfortunately, many of us rely on cell phones and other electric appliances to make our lives easier.  These conveniences give off EMF or electromagnetic frequencies that cause the energy to be stagnant.  The scrubbing action of orgone energy generators counter acts this effect.

Side effects of balanced orgone energy include:

  • better sleep
  • increased energy
  • balanced mood
  • spiritual and emotional growth
  • resistance to illness

Orgone energy generators can be used for:

  • meditation
  • boost intention
  • cleansing negative energy
  • improve over all well being

Spreading the love of Orgone Energy

I've been creating Orgone Energy Jewelry for about a year now.  Observing the effects of these tiny pieces of jewelry has been fascinating!  I would like to invite you to visit my etsy shop.  There might be a piece there that is calling your name...

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