Karma and Manifestation


The symbol for Karma is the unending knot.  Notice how there is no beginning or end.  See that it repeats itself.  Does this resemble some of the outcomes of choices you have made in this life?

The Western concept of Karma is over-simplified.  Popular quotes like “I want revenge, but I don’t want to screw up my karma” or “The best revenge is to just wait and let karma handle it” are a good example.   What comes around does go around, but not how you might think.  The thought of revenge alone is bad karma.

Karma is a topic for a different day. When we talk about manifestation, we are interested in your vibration, the energy that you are putting out there.

Have you ever noticed that the more you worry about bad stuff happening, the more bad stuff happens?  This is the energy related to manifestation, an energetic expression of your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Unfortunately, some things take longer to show up than others.  I believe it is due to some sort of “build-up” of contradictory input, after all, a person can’t change overnight.

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The gurus all say that if you want to be wealthy, you have to behave like a wealthy person.  They are talking about your vibe, not necessarily your actions.  Have you heard the phrase “vibrational match”?  This means that you can only attract things that are aligned with your current vibrational status.  Debbie Downer is going to draw more disappointment and discouragement because that is her vibe, whereas Loving Lucy is going to attract great relationships.

Your vibrational status plays a major role in Manifestation.  We all have energy, so we all have the ability to create our future.  I have created a worksheet to help you identify what it is that you want to manifest and develop an action plan to achieve results.  You can get it at the link above.

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