Aura Spring 2019

My Story

I guess I've always been a little quirky, or weird.  I'm not sure that it is all that unusual for children to communicate with spirit, but when you are a teen it can be awkward.  I had a few friends who enjoyed the seances and Tarot readings, but they went on to lead "normal" lives.

I tried the "normal" bit myself, went to nursing school, got a degree, etc., but didn't really enjoy giving 43% of my life to big business who gave no shits as to whether or not I was happy (I was not).

Several years ago, when I was in a particularly funky place, an amazing psychic suggested I use my own divinity to help people on a spiritual level.

Living in your divinity is a life changer!  I studied Reiki and Crystal Healing!  I got into the Akashic Records (mind blown)!  Now, I want to help you live beautifully, authentically, and divinely with clarity and purpose.

6 Steps to Manifest It

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